You can’t play the “Hillary would be worse” card forever… Really we can’t?


Recently on You Tube someone commented:

“No one can say for sure what would’ve happened under Clinton. But we can say that during his presidency, Trump’s been terrifyingly casual about the prospect of nuking other countries, has proved to be insensitive to and unfamiliar with global conflicts, and seems to delight in bombing the middle-east. You can’t play the “Hillary would be worse” card forever.”

“No one can say for sure what would’ve happened under Clinton.”

“You can’t play the “Hillary would be worse” card forever.”


The only reason why we can’t is… both of them aren’t in power any more…
Otherwise it would be more of this:

Vince Foster,
Paula Jones,
Monica Lewinsky,
Clinton Foundation,
Private Email Server,
Uranium One,
buying the DNC,
taking Saunders nomination away,
the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton and Janet Lynch,

James Comey in their pocket, the story on this…
paying for the Russian dossier…

There is more… but I would need to setup a Wikipedia site just for this… But with Trump, he doesn’t say… Here is the line in the sand, don’t do this… And when they cross that line… Here is the new line in the sand, don’t do this… Like Obama did. Plus Obama backed off and let it get out of control. Plus Trump doesn’t announce when, what and where he is going to do something, like Obama did… I wouldn’t be surprised if Webster’s Dictionary would add a picture of a colander to the definition of “Government Secrets” because no one can keep a secret there.

And as far as being “insensitive to and unfamiliar with global conflicts”, that started a long time ago… I’m on the fence… Something has to be done… I think it would be better to have the UN handle it all. Instead of us sticking our nose in there and we need to get the CIA back to gathering intelligence instead of trying overthrow governments, that is why most counties over there are pissed off at us. And it happened to get out of control when we did this…

And it all had to do with the British and us trying to control their oil rights, since then, it has been one bad decision after another.

Next thing you should look at is, why Bush went in to Iraq. And that has been a huge mess since we got involved also. Clues… Oil deals, Halliburton, Blackwater, other companies like the latter two, and the military industrial complex. As we know now, there were no weapons of mass destruction, it was an excuse to line everyone’s pockets. Plus the rumor is it was really because of petrodollars (weapons of mass oil destruction): “Not long after this meeting in 2000, Saddam began making the switch from dollar-based transactions to requiring euros for all future oil sales. By 2002, Saddam began converting all of his excess petrodollars into petroeuros – in essence, dumping the dollar. A few months later, on March 19, 2003, a full scale U.S.-led invasion of Iraq had begun.”

Syria… with Obama backing off and making the military smaller and not enforcing his lines in the sand, Russia increased their military and moved right in…

And as far as North Korea… Kimmy learned from his father, when was I the Air Force in 1976, we had our bags packed and were ready to go to Korea when we were told to stand down. His father would rattle his sword until he got what he wanted… except Kimmy has nuclear weapons now… we can’t have that. The hard part is showing them we aren’t out to kill them. But then it makes Kimmy and his government lose face, because they have brainwashed their people into believing that. And then I’m sure they will dispose him once they see that they have been lied to all these years. Heavens forbid they get internet access… then they can see the truth and then no more North Korea. It will take a while because their population is unarmed… Just like they want to do here…

We need to put our foot down and stop this push for gun control in the United States from going on…

And people need to stop relying in the media for their information… Because there is defiantly media bias… Start looking up what they say, look at both sides and the truth will be the middle. As Thomas Jefferson said…

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”

Even back then, they had media bias.