TYT – Neo-Nazi Drives Through Crowd Of Protesters In Charlottesville


In response to the Cenk Uygur The Young Turks video…
Cenk Uygur isn’t thinking…

The reason why Trump waited 2 days is because clowns like you and Richard Spencer… who have no comprehension of the English language, couldn’t understand what Trump was talking about. I think you all need to take a refresher course in English. Or pull your heads out of your ass so you can hear better and probably see better instead of having “tunnel vision” if you catch my drift.

And as far as I’m concerned he left out a few others… BLM and ANTIFA. They are just as guilty of the violence… it’s just a matter of time before they kill someone… It is rumored the shooter of the Dallas 5 police officers was a BLM supporter. BLM denies him being an “official member” so draw your own conclusion. I didn’t know you had to have a membership card or signup to be a member of BLM.

And as far as the police go… people like you, others, BLM and ANTIFA… would start whining that the police we being too rough with them… and god forbid if the police shot someone who attacked them with any kind of weapon… You would have them fired and sent to prison for defending themselves, protecting the law abiding people and trying to uphold the law.

Instead of pushing the rhetoric that Trump is this and that… and we need to do this and that… and we should be offended about this or that… how about pushing for people to work together. We have to play the cards we are dealt, so why keep pushing people into a frenzy… both sides need to condemn the violence and get America to work together… I’m not hearing that message.

I fought for civil rights in the 60’s and used to get in fights because I was a “nigger lover”. I still find it hard to believe that 50 years later… the violence is still going on… It makes me sick… And no one from either side with a voice in the country, is trying to put a stop to it. They just whine about we are the “victims” or that we are “offended”.

You have to let the police do their jobs… it’s hard to enforce the law when they are handcuffed by the media and people who want to twist things for their own agenda. Tired of the police catching shit for being rough with someone who doesn’t comply… If you want to act like an ass and resist, then you should get your ass beat… maybe you won’t resist next time. “I didn’t do nothing…” Well wait until you get to court and see what the judges says… if the police are wrong for arresting you, you can sue and collect a big payday from the city… and you don’t have to take an ass beating and have a big hospital bill for being non-compliant because you “think” you didn’t do anything wrong.

Don’t like the way things are… get your message out there and get people to vote… That is what Trump did and that is why all the Retardicans and Dumbocrats are so gobbed smacked that he won the election… And now the Dumbocrats and some Retardicans are still whining about the “system” that they have been a part of actually works, if you get people to vote. And a wake up call for the politicians that people are tired of the same old shit and lip service from politicians. The career politicians are worried they might need to find a new career.

And we need to get rid of this politically correct crap… if you are fat, you are fat, if you are stupid, you are stupid… Don’t like it… lose some weight… go to school… I’m tired of the…. “I’m offended…” Well I’m offended that you are offended, so now you can be offended that I’m being offended, and I’ll be offended that you were offended by me for being offended… etc… etc…

It’s a circular argument with no end. If you want to be fat, stupid, lazy, etc… then deal with the shaming… Because now I’m offended… that you “aren’t” being offended.