Top Senate Dem opposes Supreme Court pick, vows filibuster


Chuck Schumer, you are not thinking… (Link 1)

Stop fighting stupid shit and start working together.

Chuckie… enjoy your limited time being the top Senate Democrat and a New York Senator… Next time around… You’ll be unemployed… Tired of you people in Washington and and in New York State… Never getting anything done and just raising our taxes… That is why people are leaving New York… (Link 2)

And tell Mario Jr. (Andrew)… start looking for a new job too.
His last escapade that torqued me off… (Link 3)

Really? We as taxpayers had to pay for you to go over there? (Link 4) It would have been cheaper to write a letter, email them or call them. The money you spent to go over there, you could have… maybe hired more State Troopers or police to investigate the idiots who damaged the Jewish cemeteries.

You two clowns should…
Stay here in New York State and fix our taxes… Maybe take a pay cut… That’s what business owners do when they don’t have enough money. And get all these lazy people off welfare… Tired of seeing them driving new Cadillacs, with medicaid, section 8 housing and using food stamps while I work 3 jobs to afford a house and 2 new cars and pay sales and property taxes so you two can waste it on trips and passing stupid laws and giving it away to people too lazy to work. I have an idea for that… Bounty hunters… Catch people collecting welfare that can be working… the bounty hunters get a percentage of what the lazy people have to pay back. And don’t throw their lazy asses in jail, make them clean the streets, fix the roads, dig ditches or something to make the state better.

Both of you, pull your heads out of your butts and look around and see what is going on. It is hard to govern with “tunnel vision”… If you catch my drift.

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