Don’t kill the messenger, ask the Congress and Senate.

President Trump

I have been seeing where a lot of people are mad at President Trump. They are not thinking… They are just listening to the media, talking heads and the Congress and Senate spewing their crap… Here is what the real deal is…

It’s the Congress and Senate that creates the laws… Not the President… The Congress and Senate has had 16 YEARS to something about it… Obama tried to push the Congress and Senate by enacting DACA which was Illegal for him to do.

So since Trump is following the law of the country, and since DACA is illegal, it is the Attorney General’s job to enforce the laws… Not the President…

Don’t any of you have any kind of idea how our government is supposed to work?

Who everyone should be mad at is… the Retardicans and Dumbocrats in the Congress and Senate that YOU elected to actually do something other than argue and waste time… They did nothing to help the Dreamers for 16 years, so why be mad at Trump? He had nothing to do with them not doing anything for 16 years or enacting an illegal law to force your representatives to actually do something… Bush and Obama were President during that time, why didn’t Bush and Obama push harder to get the Congress and Senate to do something? Sorry, I forgot we elected the Congress and Senate to do nothing but argue and never come up with a compromise.

Trump has nothing to negotiate with other than embarrassing them… Retardicans and Dumbocrats really don’t want Trump in there because this is their wake up call… the Congress and Senate, do nothing other than waste time and spend our money without even asking us if it is okay… It’s like the pre American Revolution… We have taxation without representation. When was the last time your “representative” in the Congress or the Senate asked you if you were okay with what bills they were passing? And while I’m on that subject, we need “one bill, one law”… Why? Because they pile other crap on top of the bill… And I think the reason why they do it is, so they have an escape goat for not voting for it… Well I didn’t vote for the Dreamer Act because it had buying a birthday cake for Putin in it. “One bill, One law” will solve that problem and let you know exactly where they stand on the issues.

I’m pissed off that Trump said he would revisit it after 6 months…. I would have let the Congress or the Senate sweat it out… And pound on them everyday in the media “Well did you come up with a Dreamer law yet?”. If they can’t get it done in 6 months, then it’s time to get rid of them all.

I’m getting tired of this crap… Aren’t you?