911 – Your brain, not not the building, wired for demolition


911 conspiracy theorists about the building being wired for detonation… Are they thinking? No.

I supposed in your world, the laws of physics don’t apply. I assume you think that a square acre (one floor) of concrete, 4 inches thick weighs nothing.

Not to mention all the walls, ceilings, carpet, tiles, computers, vending machines, refrigerators, stoves, filing cabinets, plumbing fixtures, pipes, wires, furniture, people, etc… on EACH floor.

Then add the weight of the airplane added to the floors. The maximum takeoff weight of a Boeing 767-200 is some 395,000 lbs., and carries a fuel load of 24,000 gallons.But they weren’t fully loaded with passengers. So even if you take half of that, 197,500 lbs. divided by the number of floors it hit. First plane hit 6 floors so that would be an additional 16 tons of weight per floor. The second plane hit 10 floors so that would be an additional 9.875 tons of weight per floor.  The floors had a 1,300 ton design capacity. And that 1,300 tons is total weight for the whole floor, not just on one corner. Then take in to account that everything smashed above the bottom floor, fell on to that floor.

I guess that weighs nothing to you. And you probably answer… bricks, when you are asked which weighs more… a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers.

Plus the outer design of the building is like a straw, you can support a lot of weight straight down on the top of the straw. And it will hold it. As soon as you apply a force to the side of the straw with the supported weight on top, the straw folds at the point of the force.

If you look at the videos of the collapse you can see the top of the building starting to tip in the direction of the damage. As soon as the opposite sides start to fail by being pulled apart, the building falls straight down on top of each floor. And since each floor can’t handle the additional weight, they start to pancake. Blowing the windows out as the fall onto each floor. Remember there are no inside supporting walls to slow down the collapse, the building is 90 percent air on each floor.  (See Figure 3.)

What was left was approximately 7 stories of rubble. The rest of the concrete and other things being blown out and spread in the wind blast. (See Figure 2.) Or didn’t you see any dust clouds in the air either? And they didn’t use high strength concrete in center columns for two reasons… cost and weight.

Figure 1. Flames and debris exploded from the World Trade Center south tower immediately after the airplane’s impact. The black smoke indicates a fuel-rich fire (Getty Images)

Figure 2. As the heat of the fire intensified, the joints on the most severely burned floors gave way, causing the perimeter wall columns to bow outward and the floors above them to fall. The buildings collapsed within ten seconds, hitting bottom with an estimated speed of 200 km/h (Getty Images).

Figure 3. A cutaway view of WTC structure.

If it was an inside job or a demolition job, when the planes hit the building how did they keep all the detonation cord from melting from the fire or getting wet from the sprinklers? It has a plastic outer shell that will melt when exposed to fire and won’t work reliably when it gets wet. And for that matter… how would they know exactly where the planes were going to hit so could wire that section only? The fire would have shorted the wires used to set off the blasting caps for the detonation cord. Plus, blasting caps can only handle 4-500 hundred degrees for an hour before they totally don’t work and providing the wires connecting them don’t melt. And the blasting cap wire connectors are plastic too. The detonation cord connectors are plastic and they will explode if subjected to impact or damage.
I assume in your world they have… demolition wire, detonation cord, connectors and electrical tape that is 100% fire proof and connections that won’t break or pull apart after a plane hits it or a quarter of a an acre of concrete, support joists and all the stuff listed above falls on it.
The reason why the second one fell first is, the angle of the plane and being close to the corner of the building it damaged more floors so there was more stress put on that side of the building. And if it was a demolition job why did the buildings start to collapse in the direction of where the planes hit and not just straight down in as in a real demolition job, when they blow out the floor supports under one level?
Haven’t you even watched demolition shows on TV? They have to weaken the structure by drilling holes and and cutting supports to get it fall a certain way and run miles of demolition wire and detonation cord. And how is it, that no one in the building saw or heard it being wired? It would have taken years each, to wire buildings that size. I suppose you think the building workers, supervisors, maintenance, security, were in on it too. If that was the case, then why did they show up for work that day? Let’s arrest all that survived that day for murder. Or maybe they were all like you, too stupid to realize they were wiring the build to explode. Any moron can tell the difference between normal wiring and demolition wiring. Wait… I forgot who I was talking to. Use what little brain you have to figure it out.
It wasn’t a demolition job…

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